Workplace Stress: Change – Rough Seas or Calmer Waters

The economic storm that has hit our world is resulting in rough seas for people everywhere. The changes that are necessary to keep from sinking are not only tough on the passengers, but also on the crew and the captain.

Mark MacLean, Senior Manager, has some sage advice on change.

"Always talk about why changes are being made and how different roles and people will be impacted by the changes. Be honest. When you don't know the answers to their questions tell them so.

Make time available to spend with people who are impacted and empathize. Remember to treat people who are re-deployed or made redundant with respect. Not just for their sake, but because everyone else who is staying on board will see how they are treated."

Change, particularly in this climate, produces a lot of fear - a negative emotion that creates stress within the body. It takes skill and compassion to help lessen or alleviate the concerns of those affected by the changes.

auntie stress rainbow
Image courtesy of Pete Smith

One of the things to keep in mind is that when we are able to ease people's burdens, even for a bit, we are not only helping them but also ourselves. Doing good and feeling good about doing good changes our heart rhythms. This is the paradox. We think we're helping someone else, but we're really helping ourselves with an improved heart rhythm. This affects our health and well-being. When we feel good, we have more to offer others.

Although I can't speak for how Mark feels, I can say that by choosing to act as he has, he is actually improving the clarity of the signal from his heart to his brain. This means that he operates from a place of greater coherence, allowing him to perform better, professionally and personally. He has set a course for smoother waters, calming the seas of change that are so commonplace in today's turbulent times.

4 Replies to “Workplace Stress: Change – Rough Seas or Calmer Waters”

  1. Hi Marianna,

    Your words are so comforting to many in these tough times. I wrote a few weeks ago about Paying it Forward in Tough Times, because of a kindness someone offered to me. It truly is a time to reach out to others in any way we can.

    Would love your feedback on that.

    PS – Just haven’t made it to Twitter yet. I will before year end. (:>

  2. One of the things to keep in mind is that when we are able to ease people’s burdens, even for a bit, we are not only helping them, but helping ourselves.

    Boy, with all the comforting and positive reinforcing I do with people, I would think I would have a much better outlook about myself.

  3. I’m not sure if the comment is for me or Marsha, sorry. I’ll answer it anyway.

    I view what I do as a very positive thing, helping others in a positive way. But, at the same time it’s also about nirvana I think, and making amends.

    Perhaps, you are more in over-care?

    Not sure what over-care means?

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