Engage Marianna for:

  • Lunch and Learn or staff development sessions.
  • Five-hour stress program, delivered once-weekly. Maximum 10 participants.
  • One-on-One sessions for adults, teens and children.

"I found the session ‘Stress – Getting to the Heart of the Matter’ by Marianna Paulson to be both informative and invigorating. The information was detailed, well-presented and provided opportunities to engage the participants with hands-on activities. I was inspired both personally and professionally to learn more on this topic and will use the techniques outlined to cope with stress in my daily life." - Janice Adams, Manager/Employment Counselor at Employment Services in Fort Nelson, BC

2019 Highlights

2018 Highlights

  • February 2nd: It's Not Just Stress! TOPS Meeting at St. Marks' Church, South Surrey, B.C.

2017 Highlights

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2013 Highlights

At Pfizer HQ in NYC. (Image courtesy of Pfizer.)
At Pfizer HQ in NYC (image courtesy of Pfizer)
  • May 15th: Spa Night at North Surrey Indoor Pool Surrey, British Columbia

2012 Highlights

2010 Highlights

2009 Highlights

  • October 23rd: All Stressed Up, KNOW Where to Go – It's a Matter of Heart. Boys and Girls Clubs of Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • June 16th: All Stressed Up, KNOW Where to Go – It's a Matter of Heart. Happen, Vancouver
  • May 26th: Stressing Leadership. Certified Management Accountants of B.C. Spring Conference in Burnaby, B.C.
  • March 4th: Stress - Getting to the Heart of the Matter – How stress touches many aspects of your Core Competencies. Career Management Association of B.C. Conference in Vancouver, B.C.
  • January 15th: All Stressed Up, KNOW Where to Go – It's a Matter of Heart. Vancouver Community College – English for Academic Purposes.

"I knew stress was bad but I didn’t fully understand to what level. What I loved about Marianna’s presentation was that it was factual, based on scientific studies about stress combined with her personal story on living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the improvement she achieved with the techniques." - C.L. of Vancouver, BC