Hello! I am Marianna Paulson, also known as Auntie Stress to my clients and friends. As a stress transformation coach and educator, I am committed to helping you recognize your stress triggers and how to diffuse them. By learning and practicing stress-transforming techniques that are appropriate to your situation, you will benefit from having more control and recovering much faster when you get into a negative or stressful state.

Connect with me for the following services:

  • 1-on-1 coaching for adults, children and teens, with hours to suit your needs
  • Workplace Lunch & Learn or staff development sessions
  • Business and Small Group Workshops
  • Freelance writing for your magazine, newsletter or website
  • Interested in collaborating? Let's talk!
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Undress Your Stress™

I am an anti-stress trainer supporting people actively looking for change. Allow me to help you move away from the hazards of stress to a place more in tune with your best self. Find your journey here.


The tools and techniques I teach have proven to be highly successful for improving emotional, mental and physical balance, but they are not intended to replace treatments prescribed by licensed medical or health professionals.