As a stress transformation coach and educator, I am committed to helping clients recognize stress triggers and how to diffuse them. By learning and practicing stress-transforming techniques that are appropriate to the situation, clients benefit from having more control and recovering much faster from negative or stressful states.

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Some kind words from a few of those I've worked with in the past:

Laurel Ennis

"Marianna was a major help in the recovery of my husband who was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after he retired from 30 years as a police officer in a major metropolitan city. PTSD often hits cops once the threat of daily encounters with violence has ended. Once they are out and its finished, PTSD strikes leaving them riddled with anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, nightmares, flashbacks, making them prickly and hard to live with and making the sufferer miserable. I was very worried about my husband. A lot of cops die right after they retire and I think PTSD and the stress accumulated over a career is the reason.

Marianna brought her products and insights over to our home and showed us how it worked. You connect your thumb or earlobe to a little clip which monitors your heartbeat. In conjunction with a computer program, you can use breathing and visualization to actually control your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, easing your stress and teaching you the breathing techniques you need when you feel stress creeping back up. My husband likes the game that is on the program where when you start you see a little garden scene, but as you relax and breath and your heart rate goes down, new things appear like a pond with swans, flowers etc. The more you relax, the more beautiful the garden becomes. As a serious gardener, he related to this game and uses it daily.

The result was astonishing. He made great headway coping with PTSD and it has improved tremendously from when he began to work with Marianna. Her daily e-mails offering tips and suggestions kept him working the program. She really cares about helping people. She is a lovely woman with a tender soul, the courage of a lion and the wisdom of the ages. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone."

Dawna Jones, Chief Provocateur at Insight

"Marianna’s experience and knowledge of how to transform stress into greater well-being gave those who are experiencing career change, running their own businesses and starting up new ventures, a different way to check in, slow down and incorporate simple steps for healthy living into daily practice."

Carol Dunn

"Marianna helped me through a really tough transition and ended up teaching me skills and techniques for neutralizing stress and worry that I suspect I will be using the rest of my life."

Bob McCartney

"Marianna Paulson introduced me to Heart Math & emWave and guided me through this very beneficial program. Marianna gave me meaningful assignments and allowed me the freedom to ask questions. She responded with thoughtful answers that help me discover what will work well in my life.

After going through this program I am calmer more often. Now when I get into a negative or stressful state I recover much faster by using the techniques I have learned. My blood sugar and blood pressure results are much better and are often in the normal range. I highly recommend Marianna Paulson as a trainer/coach and the Heart Math & emWave tools to reap excellent health benefits."

Tak Kawana, Ballistic Arts Media Studios Inc.

"The great thing about Marianna Paulson is her ability to gauge your personal needs and requirements and cater her service to those needs. I had a hectic schedule and Marianna was very understanding and patient with me. This stress-free process created an ideal learning environment. Marianna also truly cared for my results and was genuinely happy for my success. Thank you, Marianna!"

Jacquie Stene Murphy, Director of Faculty & Student Affairs at Stenberg College

"The faculty and administrators at Stenberg College found Marianna Paulson’s Auntie Stress Workshop to be fun, engaging and extremely practical. She provided us with stress reduction tools that can be implemented in both our personal and professional lives. Marianna took the time to find out who her audience was and then geared her workshop to meet the needs of the audience.

Since our workshop, Marianna has taken the time to follow up and evaluate our ongoing needs. She is a truly passionate and committed educator who cares about people living a happy and healthy life."

Fatma Mohammad

"Until I talked to Marianna Paulson it would have never crossed my mind that a few words and exercises could destroy the barriers we create in our brain. These barriers which block us from seeing the right direction into solving the problems and obstacles life puts in our way.

This exactly what happened to me, I am at a point of my life where there are too many urgent and important issues to be addressed; all I was doing is going round and round in a tight circle. Thanks to Marianna and her exercises I was able to direct my brain activity into the direction of solving rather than the suffering attitude."