Happy Birthday to Me!

Years ago, a friend told me something that I've never forgotten. Her sister had been challenged with a particular type of cancer, one that was playing a very serious game of Hide and Seek with her.

Rather than bemoaning the fact that she was getting older, she chose to celebrate each birthday because it meant another year of life. So what if she had some new wrinkles or grey hair or that she wasn't as fast as she once was! She was thrilled to still be here on this earth and to continue learning, growing and sharing.

Sadly, I've lost touch with this family and I don't know whether Jen healed from the cancer. I did learn a very powerful lesson through her and that is to celebrate each year of life. Now, that's a change of perspective that's worthwhile.

I am thankful for this birthday and for all the lessons I have learned. I also know that learning to transform my stress has made a huge impact upon my life, allowing me to help others. Three years ago, I wasn't in a position to help anyone. I was merely existing. Now, I feel younger than I have in years and having all sorts of new experiences! (Look younger? That's debatable!)

So, Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

Now, let's see about reconnecting...

5 Replies to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Happy Birthday Marianna!

    My own, which I too celebrated, was on Tuesday!

    This is that glass half full? Or half empty scenario – in reality too many people behave as if someone has stolen their glass entirely!

    I suspect readers of this lovely blog find their own glass being replenished simply by being here!

    Keep up the good work birthday girl!

  2. Geez – I missed this!
    Happy belated birthday or maybe you are still celebrating?

    My hubby’s was the 6th.

    Hope your birthday cards got there with all your fun weather.

    Keep encouraging!


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