Rejuvenation Appreciation!

Having stress techniques that can be implemented in the moment of a stressful event do much to balance the autonomic nervous system. This has an effect upon how you feel, think and do.

Collect positive experiences, regardless of scope, to draw upon when life gets tough. So, whether it's sitting down to a favourite meal, engaging in warm conversation with a good friend or going on holiday, the act of appreciating the memory is enough to make a positive and measurable change in your heart rhythms. This means it's good for your emotional, mental and physical health.

I was fortunate enough to win an overnight stay in an historic inn in Harrison Mills, BC which we enjoyed last week thanks to the Langley Women's Festival '08! Smooth heart rhythms abound!

Rowena's Inn is situated on The Sandpiper Golf Course, which looked so appealing that even I wanted to go play the course, despite not knowing how to golf!

The spotless and beautifully-appointed cabins come complete with wood fireplace and jacuzzi tub. Bay windows open up to a small deck which overlooks the Harrison River and the Coastal Mountains, veiled in mist during our visit.

What a perfect get-away for those who live in the Lower Mainland and don't have a lot of time. It's also a good place to wean yourself off the on-going stress of being connected 24/7. This can be an addiction and the techniques I teach help with that as well.

For those who wish to travel with their pets, Rowena's has designated one cabin as pet-friendly. Murphy was happy to come along.

Everything was perfect - the friendliness of the staff, the location, the cabin, the wine and cheese platter, dinner in the restaurant and the breakfast, which was delivered to our door by golf-cart. The presentation of the food looked as good as it tasted!

Sometimes a get-away, even if it's just for twenty-four hours, is enough to recharge the batteries. If you can't get away, do the next best thing - change your scenery by going for a walk or, barring that, get up and move to another room. Remember, it doesn't have to be big to make a difference. The key ingredient is appreciation.

2 Replies to “Rejuvenation Appreciation!”

  1. Recharging is soooooo important. I have a friend right now who is back in school and just buckling under the stress of four papers due. She is ready to give up. I will share your post about a 24-hour get-a-way. They work for me!

    What’s worked for me too is to Rejuvenate my Connections. Talking to an old friend is like “comfort food”.

  2. Great advice for your friend, who likely is spinning from overload. A change of scenery = a change in physiology IF she can truly spend the 24 hrs. enjoying the moment. (If she is worrying about school while on her break, she’ll need some techniques to counter that.)

    Maybe “Cold Turkey” will be too much? An 8 hr. break?

    You’ve written an article that warms the heart!: Rejuvenate my Connections!

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