As common as stress is, we all have different triggers and situations that can turn our sense of well-being on its head. And in this case, our head is ruled by our heart. If stress can be turned on like throwing a switch, isn't it time to turn it back off?

But take note, any change - even the good stuff - is going to feel strange until you get comfortable with it. That's how the techniques you'll learn with me come in. Change transitions and stress transformation are made much smoother when you activate the power of your heart. It doesn't take a lot of time - you are breathing, thinking and feeling anyway - make it count!

Here are some examples of how stress affects lives:

Does the thought of tests and exams send you into a spiral of chaos, drama and tears?

Or does it hit you like an icy cold shower that washes away everything you've ever learned? When did school start becoming a chore? Would you rather stay in bed than head out with friends?

There's a way to reduce your stress levels by learning strategies that help you balance your nervous system and gain a broader perspective. Overcome your limitations, recognize and capitalize on your strengths, and notice how your self-esteem flourishes.

"What we’ve seen in his test scores after the first session, was truly amazing. All subjects have increased their grades from a C to an A. Now, after 3 sessions with Marianna we are convinced that it is right for us to invest in this work further, to bring our child to his full potential. We couldn’t be more grateful for the improvement we’ve seen in his work and for Marianna’s support and care." - a mom in Langley, BC

Exhausted, overworked and under-performing at work?

Is the pressure at work driving you to pursue non-productive or unhealthy habits? Are you working longer hours and getting less done? How much more of a workload can you handle before you lose it?

There's a sensible, cost-effective solution to equipping employees with on-demand stress transformation techniques. Stop stress before it becomes a contagious, cumulative and costly habit that infects the workplace and beyond.

"The great thing about Marianna Paulson is her ability to gauge your personal needs and requirements and cater her service to those needs. I had a hectic schedule and Marianna was very understanding and patient with me. This stress-free process created an ideal learning environment. Marianna also truly cared for my results and was genuinely happy for my success. Thank you, Marianna!" - Tak Kawana of Ballistic Arts Media Studios Inc.

Resisting change or struggling with a chronic illness?

Living with a debilitating disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis? Are you too comfortable putting up with what's getting you down? Has your doctor told you to do something about your stress?

Stress triggers a chemical cascade which affects how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically. There are tools and techniques you can practice that have an immediate effect on your physiology. Simply put, how you think and feel affects how you think and feel. When you have the added challenge of living with a chronic disease, this can become a life-changer - a good one.

"When I went to the ER in an ambulance for a suspected heart attack for the second time in eight months, it was clear that something wasn’t right. When I, for the second time in eight months, was diagnosed with nasty GERD [Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease] mimicking the symptoms of heart attack, it was time to figure out what was going on… If stress is getting the better of you and your gut is telling you that changing the way you cope with stress is essential, call Auntie Stress. You can find no better teacher." - Lene Andersen

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