Grateful for These Fine American Folks

In Canada, we celebrate our Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. For more information on this, please visit the Canadian Heritage site or Wikipedia.

A visit to Twitter and it doesn't take long to realize just how BIG the Thanksgiving holiday is for our neighbours to the south! So, in honour of American Thanksgiving, I'd like to devote this post to giving thanks:

1. To Twitter, for without this medium, I would not be writing this post.

2. To the following Americans who have, through their friendship, impacted me:

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - As I once tweeted, Texas got another star when she moved there. Jacqui is gracious, generous and caring. One of her gifts is her ability to paint a picture with words - crafting a story that is personal, instructive and entertaining.

Carol Dunn - I am impressed with the depth of her concern for the well-being of others. I have pleasant memories of our time spent working together. Diffability is my salute to her.

Conrad Hake - I'm not sure if Conrad realizes the impact he had on me when he invited me to be a part of the Loose Bloggers Consortium. Delighted, encouraged, honoured and yes, even uncertain - how could I keep up with such skilled bloggers? Conrad has the ability to make you act, cry, engage, laugh, think, reflect and, of course, write. Here is a post that caused me to do all that!

Steve Finikiotis - We haven't "spoken" much of late, but the "conversations" we have had have been meaningful to me. On his blog, Touchpoints, Steve enlightens us with his vast experience of working with cultures from distant shores.

Beth Havey - In Twitter-time, Beth is new to me. I hope I'm correct in saying that we're part of the "Mutual Admiration Society"! I am always learning something new on her blog, Boomer Highway.

Kayt Hoch - Although Kayt is no longer visible on Twitter, she is not forgotten. She unearthed the poets within the Twitter community with her daily poetry prompts that made it safe to take poetic risks and make them public. To read more of her positive influence: Playing with the Big Kids and Poetry Pollination.

G. L. Hoffman - He no longer has a Twitter account, but you can find out more about his adventures on his blog, What Would Dad Say. His invite to write a guest post provided me with a powerful reminder. You can read about that on  Reverberational Effect. I am also grateful for his generosity in sharing resources. You do know what I mean, right G.L.?

Rob Longert - We've shared a few tweets and a couple of emails. Rob's interest in getting and staying healthy is generously shared on his blog called Fit City. I am grateful for his meaningful testimonial on LinkedIn.

Dorlee M. - Considerate. Courageous. Curious. Unselfish. Her tweets and blog are a reflection of her spirit.

Casper McFadden - This friendly and multi-talented ghost is quick to make an appearance when support is needed:

If you're so lucky to have this ghost in your court
@CasperMcFadden is one terrific good sport
Level-headed and oh, so smart!
This one's got a great big heart!

Rose Pena - I was inspired to write a post entitled Forgifting Yourself after Rose shared her family history with me. Thank you.

Zebra Finch - Despite on-going health challenges, Zebra Finch is a relentless advocate for those who don't have a voice. A generous nature - a big heart!

These are people with whom I've had the pleasure of speaking, sharing, learning, laughing, crying, caring. I may not regularly communicate with them, but I want them to know that they occupy real estate on my heart.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thank you for your friendship. May your table be filled with food, your heart full of love, and your home a safe haven where good memories are made. Happy Thanksgiving!

6 Replies to “Grateful for These Fine American Folks”

  1. Thank you, Marianna, for your very kind comment…You are such a lovely lady.

    I am most grateful for your friendship, support and kindness throughout the year.

    It is amazing how the web/twitter has enabled us to connect…I know that I am the better for it as well as your other readers.

    We all benefit from the wonderful learnings and tips that you are so kind as to share on this blog as well as the second blog that you recently started.

    Thank you for being you,

  2. Marianna,
    A few days ago I realized I needed a Marianna blog post fix, and so I navigated toward your site. What a lovely surprise to find your ‘gratitude’ post in honor of the American Thanksgiving.

    As is common when visiting your blog, I have found myself re-reading the post 2-3 times since that day. Mainly, I wanted to make sure that I checked out the folks whose names I did ‘not’ recognize, and then I promptly followed them on Twitter.

    As well, I was honored when you mentioned me with such warm compliments. I love the ‘Texas star’ reference – though, I will not let it go to my head! I promise! *Laughing*

    Finally, several of the people you described with your genuine, descriptive words also are favorites of mine; e.g., Conrad Hake; Dorlee M.; GL Hoffman … to name a few. I’m so pleased to see my name mingled with theirs!

    Marianna, I so value having met you, and I look forward to continued Twitter and blogging engagement. And perhaps even, a Skype call will be in order sometime in the future.


  3. Dorlee,
    I have my moments! LOL!

    Thanks for your kind words; I’m reverberating them back to you!

    How’s that head of yours? LOL!

    A “blog post fix” – ha!

    It’s a small world *humming Disney tune*. I find it comforting and wondrous when we have positive interactions with shared connections.

    A Skype call would be lovely. I’ll look forward to it.

    Gee, I’m going to have to do this weekly :)- good for the heart and soul, you are! Thanks!

  4. Thank you, Marianna for your kind words. What I see in your reflection of others is how amazing you truly are… you inspire me to always see and seek the good.

    You have one amazing heart! xx

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