Dear Oxford Dictionary,

As you are regularly in the habit of either expunging or adding to your esteemed tomes, I'd like to propose a word that was first brought to my attention by Carol Dunn on Twitter.

As she so eloquently stated, "We are all diffabled in some way." I concur.

Some of my random thoughts about diffability:

  • One person's strength is another's weakness.
  • It's the yin and yang of life.
  • It's what multiple intelligences are all about.
  • It keeps things interesting.

If the Urban Dictionary has recognized it - it's time for you to set the presses!

Sincerely yours,
Marianna Paulson

She's smart and she's artistic
That @Caroldn is also linguistic
For your safety, she deeply cares
Providing tips on managing your affairs

Carol is one smart, creative and caring woman. I am forever grateful to her for generously sharing her artistic and technical abilities.

2 Replies to “Diffability”

  1. Interesting blog there Marianna. Shall indeed use it if I cannot come out of the present jam I am in by my own efforts!

  2. Thank you Marianna and Carol.

    The beauty in diffabilities is how we each play the hand that we’ve been dealt…seeing how much music we can still create from what we have left.


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