#67 – Come Fly with Me

I have previously mentioned having surgery for atlantoaxial instability. Warning: That post contains images that may be disturbing to some readers! The surgery, which involved fusing my first and second cervical vertebrae, was performed in order to prevent blindness, stroke or death.

Now that those two vertebrae are fused, it necessitates being aware of how I'm sitting and what I'm doing.

Finding the just-right neck pillow for a long flight can be a challenge. Most of them are wider, when they should be higher. This would support the head and prevent it from lolling like some Raggedy-Anne doll.

One day, as I was organizing a closet, the solution came to me when I found my night-time neck brace from my neck surgery. Add a pretty scarf and I have what I need to keep my neck supported during those long flights. Off to Dream Land amidst the clouds!

During those twelve weeks of recovery, I had to wear two different types of neck braces. I want it on record that they are both hot!

auntie stress neck brace

4 Replies to “#67 – Come Fly with Me”

    1. Annette,
      Like the one in the bottom of the picture? I only use mine for travel. Those travel cushions are broader when higher would work better, and I don’t even have a giraffe neck. 😉

      1. Actually mine is just fiberfill stuffed inside of stockinette that cost $5. But it does the job. I have been buying a lot of scarfs hoping for panache to come for a visit

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