Hope, as 2014 Awakens

I'd like to say that 2013 was a banner year. I can't.

December found me struggling. Mostly emotionally. Some physical ailments followed. It seemed as if I had sunken into a swamp of uncertainty due to circumstances both within and without. A new - or was it old? - crop of feelings was emerging from that dark, mucky water.

Then, I remembered that sometimes, on your way to somewhere else, the journey is marked by things that are far from pleasant. Emotions bubble up like some unpalatable brew roiling about in a witch's cauldron. Even with the best of intentions, that noxious substance seemed to infuse each and every cell with stagnation.

Stress techniques helped, but it wasn't enough. As often as possible, I remembered to sit and observe, knowing that the vapours would clear out, removed by some mysterious winds of change.

These last three days have been considerably and notably better. I feel like Marianna/Auntie Stress, again. In a post entitled My 3 Words for 2014, my #SummitFriend, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, shares her three words for 2014. When she asked me to share my three words, I didn't even have to think about them - Learn, Change and Grow. Capital letters required.

It turns out that those winds of change aren't so mysterious after all. During those Swamp Days, I used some familiar tools from my trusty Toolbox of Health and Wellness, which likely prevented me from slipping completely under the surface. I know that change and growth can be accompanied by malcontent - sometimes you need to sit in it for a while to realize it stinks. Even though it may not feel like it, something new is being fertilized. For me, it was several a-ha's, strung together like pearls, that led me to realize that I had some unmet needs.

As I worked through stuff and stuff worked through me, I added to my Toolbox. I do like to play with something new. Coupled with the start of a new year, hope began to seep in; as things shifted, I felt more buoyant. Bring on 2014!

Wishing you a Happy New Year! May it bring you what you want, but more importantly, what you need.

How will you work towards addressing your needs?

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10 Replies to “Hope, as 2014 Awakens”

    1. Happy New Year, Grannymar!

      No, I am definitely not alone. Since writing this post, I’ve heard from more than a few people how they are glad to see the rear end of 2013!

  1. Marianna,
    I’m sorry that December/2013 year was difficult both physically and emotionally and hope and pray that 2014 will be a much better year for you from all respects.
    Thankfully, it sound like you are feeling better now 🙂
    I hadn’t realized you wouldn’t need to even think about your three words… I love: Learn, Change and Grow. They are very inspiring and one feeds the other… Wishing you a happy and healthy year in which you are learning, changing and growing!

    1. Hi Dorlee,

      I know one place to go for some learning – your fine, award-winning blog!

      Your hopes and prayers are working – 2014 is already much better! Thanks, my friend!

    1. Thanks for your support, both in this lovely comment and the reposting on Social Media sites, Jackie!

      2014 is already better! Let’s see what rides in on the Year of the Horse! 😉

  2. December was a tough month here too. I have hope for the New Year – This is also my birthday so I need to do all planning at once for change. I have some goals. Mentally they’re achievable I think. I just hope my body agrees

    I’ll do three words too. Learn Connect Enjoy. Looks Iike I agree with you on number 1

    1. Happy New Year, Annette!

      Here’s to a enjoyable journey as you learn to connect your emotional, mental and physical self to the achievement of your goals. (How’s that for putting your three words into one strong statement? 🙂

      1. Strong statements are your specialty Marianna. January is a bit of a low month for me so far, though to look on the positive side it was great that my rheumy could fit me in for a cortisone injection in my ankle. Also good that I found out that my TMJ feels much better with no night guard. Better I know my left quadriceps needs work and that my knee has a mild effusion. hahaha
        It’s only symptoms. I dug deep and found more stories to tell – easy to forget some things.

        1. Good ol’ cortisone should have you moving a bit better.

          Re. TMJ and dental work. I often go back after I get some work done to get a sliver shaved off a filling/crown. It can make a huge difference in the bite of those of us who are sensitive to such things.

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