Wishing You a Dashing Good Year

In my New Year's post on A Rheumful of Tips (ART), I talked about how what was planned was not to be and what will be, will be (which is, in part, one of the reasons that this post did not appear on January 1st, as intended).

Life has a way of turning right when you want to go left. Of zigzagging when you thought the destination was straight ahead. Stalling when you're raring to go and zipping along when you want or need to stop. Life also has a way of ticking along like a finely-crafted Swiss watch.

There is wisdom in that cliché - go with the flow. Be as prepared as necessary but recognize that there will be dips, trips and hiccups along the way. You often endure more pain than necessary when you struggle against that flow. Blame it on the human condition, or maybe the ego (isn't that one and the same?), but we all have our pet struggles. The ones that we can't seem to shake.

Take heart. Vow to use the power of your heart to fan the Phoenix-like fires of hope. Learn to undress your stress, and gain clarity and compassion. Build resilience and let go of resentments. Spend less time blame-storming and more time engaging in heartwarming actions, regardless of size and scope.

I just came back from a funeral, where the priest read The Dash by Linda Ellis. It serves as a reminder that between the Entrance and Exit doors of your life there is a space to live, to grow and to change. A space to be.

As Scrooge discovered in A Christmas Carol, it is never too late to make changes for the better.

This year, how will you live your dash?

Happy New Year! May you have the wisdom to Start! Stop! and Continue. Wishing you a Dashing Good Year!

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