A Quick Year-Planning Exercise – Stop! Start! Continue…

As we fling open the drapes on a shiny new year, I am going to revisit an exercise that a former principal I worked with used as a year-end review exercise.

We entered the library for the last staff meeting of the year and saw Stop! Start! Continue... written  in that neat teacher-like printing across the blackboard. We were broken into small groups and given a list of criteria to evaluate and place under each category.

This is a simple way to end the year and to begin a new one. No self-recrimination, no fretting and certainly not long hours spent agonizing over what to write. Instead, a quick from-the-heart jotting- down of the things you've done to determine what the view from the window of 2011 will reveal.

What does your Stop! Start! Continue... list uncover? Any surprises?

For 2011 and beyond, may you be enveloped in great health, rewarding work and projects, loving relationships and memories that will sustain and entertain you! Happy New Year!

6 Replies to “A Quick Year-Planning Exercise – Stop! Start! Continue…”

  1. As usual you hit the nail on the head Marianna. Happy New Year to you. I hope to do much more with my blogs this year so looking forward to talking with you online.

  2. A happy new year to you too Marianna. I am sold on the stop, start and continue formula and shall spend some time drawing it up. Thanks.

  3. Maria, Ramana and Carol,
    Thank you for the New Year’s wishes and encouragement.

    If you have a chance and care to do so, I’d love to hear how this exercise went.

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