Ten Well-Being Tips

  1. Flossing is important, not only for your teeth, but also for your heart. Plaque may contribute to heart disease.
  2. Water is one of the factors in electrolyte balance, which has an impact on the heart. Are you adequately hydrated?  Do the press test. Press down on your forearm and hold for a few seconds. If there is a depression, go drink some water.
  3. Wash new clothes before you wear them. Fabrics are treated with a number of chemicals, such as formaldehyde, to act as a preservative and to make them look crisp.
  4. Sleep deprivation can lead to weight-gain. Stress can impact the quality of your sleep.
  5. Bad back or hips? Sleep with a pillow between your knees to relieve the strain and pain. Longer legs? Use a king-sized pillow.
  6. Nuts, in moderation, are good for you - unless you're allergic, of course!
  7. Struggling to solve a problem? Get up and move. Take a walk. Do something else. Your unconscious mind will continue to work on it. Your "Eureka!" moment awaits.
  8. Feeling glum, mad or sad? Some physical work will do wonders, plus you'll feel good about having mowed the lawn, shoveled the driveway, painted the living room, vacuumed, cleaned the garage, etc.  All caught up? Perhaps the senior next-door, your friends or family members would like some help?
  9. Make time for play, both for yourself and with your children.
  10. It's not "just stress"! Nothing "just" about stress. Be proactive and learn stress transformation techniques that not only help you get through or out of the rough patches, but will also enhance your performance.

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