Let Go for Flow

I usually put the finishing touches on my weekly post on Monday evenings. Last week was different. Not one of my one hundred and eighty-eight parked posts in various states of completion seemed suitable for publishing.

Tuesday...Wednesday...and most of Thursday. Still no closer to posting.

Maybe I was being too fussy? Perhaps something greater was coming my way? Or, could there be a lesson that needed refreshing? (The "Let Go for Flow" lesson.)

I discovered that it was all three reasons. Fussing over a post creates stress. Stress hampers creativity. Creativity, on the other hand, equals flow.

"Let go" was the answer that came to me when I practiced a stress technique. Rather than my having to chase a post, life threw me a wonderfully synchronous event. This has since turned into two posts! Being able to recognize "coincidences" is part of being in the flow.

I'm still flabbergasted! I did not consciously know that the teacher would teach Venn diagrams on the very day that I decided to use one to reinforce a lesson on responsibility.

I believe that there is something larger at work, something that is happening beneath our level of consciousness. It's as if we were to tap into a great underground river - one that allows us to flow along, with awe, ease and gratitude. As we develop our awareness and transform our stress, the flow increases.

When I'm writing, I know that I'm in the flow when it feels as if the words are pouring out of my fingers. This is really the heart connection. By activating the power of the heart, we plug into an amazing source of power that augments our brain power, enabling us to perform better.

When we perform better, it feels good. We all need a lot more of that. Wouldn't you agree?

What does it feel like when you are in the flow?

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3 Replies to “Let Go for Flow”

  1. Getting into the flow is the opposite of a writer’s block. It’s like the ideas are just coming and coming and you have to keep writing to give them an outlet.

  2. Ramana,
    That, it is.

    I’m pleased that you took time out of your busy schedule to stop by. Welcome and thank you.

    May the flow be with you!

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