This Is Stress!

Is your "Inner Monster" growing? Are you feeding it a steady diet of negative thoughts and emotions?

Do you feel as if you were your own complaint department - one that never closes?

Put the monster on a diet and develop shorter hours for that inner complaint department. Learn how swirling negative thoughts and emotions have a detrimental effect on your body. Then, practice replacing them with positive, heart-activated techniques which help to balance your nervous system.

Balancing your nervous system means so many things. Increased energy. Better sleep. Improved cognitive functioning. Flourishing creativity. Fewer aches and pains.

How would that feel?

11 Replies to “This Is Stress!”

  1. Marianna,
    Hear Hear!

    Love the analogy of the ‘inner monster’ and putting him on a ‘diet!’ Quite vivid! And terrific advice!

    Indeed, negative thoughts/emotions do swirl, and once infused with them, we feel amidst a tornadic situation from which we cannot detach.

    Your heart-activated techniques sound like a smart, calming method to balance nerves, helping one regain strength and energy.

    I also recommend avoiding commiserating with other ‘whiners’ and instead surrounding oneself with soothing, supportive friends whose nature is to lift verse tear down.

    Life is not easy, and it comes with its share of trials, but with the application of stress techniques such as you offer, as well as involvement with the right, positive people, we can aspire to flourish!

    Thanks, Marianna,

  2. Jacqui,
    You do have a gift of description!

    “Toradic situation” so aptly fits.

    I agree. It’s important to surround oneself with “soothing, supportive friends whose nature is to lift verse tear down”. But, since we can’t control each and every situation, it’s vital to have techniques in place to help us when we’re around the naysayers.

    Thanks for being one of those “right, positive people” who help allow others (me included) to flourish!

  3. Hi Marianna, sorry for the delay in getting back to your blog. I am juggling too many things as I hit final year of law school 🙂

    I think negativity for me comes in phases. It is very difficult to actually prevent negative thought itself the way I see it. But I do strive to be conscious as they make their onslaught and put them in their rightful place once the feeding of negative thoughts begin. So far I have seldom let the negative thoughts translate into action 🙂

  4. It would be perfect, but perfection is not what life is all about. You need some stress to understand and appreciate state of stresslessness.

  5. Ashok,
    Welcome back, Ashok! I fully appreciate what it’s like having all those balls in the air…or perhaps, they feel more like knives, at times?

    It’s important to acknowledge our feelings, then transform them with ones that help to create a very real physiological change. When the physiology changes, the emotions often do, as well.

    Better humour emerges, much like the sun slowly peeking out through the clouds.

    I don’t think there will be a shortage of stress at any time soon.

    Like waves on the ocean, life is filled with ups and downs; it’s how we are able to ride those waves that counts.

  6. Grannymar and Judy,
    Good to hear. Next step is to recall some positive thoughts and emotions and soak in those feelings.

    Thanks for being persistent with this and for coming back for another go!

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