Syncing to a New High

Regularly practicing stress techniques creates harmony between your head, heart, thoughts and feelings. It doesn't stop there, though. Your cardiovascular system, blood pressure, hormonal system and respiration respond positively by synchronizing.

When in sync, wonderful things begin to happen. Less energy is required to get more done. You feel better - emotionally, mentally and physically. Seemingly coincidental events begin to occur on a more frequent basis.

In conjunction with tutoring, I've been teaching emotional management techniques to a grade three student. As the weeks march on, progress has been noted by his family members and classroom teacher.

Yesterday, my lesson plan included using a Venn diagram to talk about responsibility. As I pulled out the worksheet and mentioned what we were going to do, he opened his math workbook to show me his homework. Guess what the teacher had just taught to the class?

I was not in communication with the teacher, so I had no idea what the students were being taught. Yet, a beautiful example of synchronicity blossomed, which served to reinforce that day's lesson.

Learning is enhanced when the material is experienced in different ways. By integrating the lesson into different subject areas, the students understand that the principles don't just work in isolation. They are better able to make connections and see the importance of what they are learning.

Similarly, as my young client and I work together, he is given plenty of opportunities to practice using his emotional management techniques when:

  • Solving a math problem.
  • Completing his journal.
  • Studying for a test.
  • Enhancing his creativity.
  • Participating in a sport.
  • Practicing his organisational skills.
  • Honouring his responsibilities.
  • Interacting with others.

As his skills improve, his confidence builds and his body synchronizes to a new and higher level of performance. Learning these techniques early-on will provide him with the ability to transform his stress throughout his lifetime.

The beauty of these techniques is that benefits can be reaped, whether you are seven or seventy years old. Are you ready to sync to your new high?

2 Replies to “Syncing to a New High”

  1. This is a wonderful post and the way you have approached the subject is very practical and illuminating. Synchronizing means so many different things in real life that some frame work like this, which can be applied to just about all relationships is very useful. I intend posting “The Story Of My Life” early next week the draft of which is on the drawing board. I am working at making it less gruesome and more humourous and finding it tough going. This is a particularly difficult relationship that I am writing about and I look forward to your comments. The fact that you have posted about the subject, you have commented in my blog post about it and I am already working on a particular post on the subject would all indicate to some form of synchronization that Nature is bringing about here!

  2. Ramana,
    One post to encapsulate the story of your life? No wonder you’re finding it difficult.

    I remember commenting about synchrony on a post of yours last year, too.

    I suspect you can mine many instances of this.

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