What If?

What if you:

  • put aside your hurts?
  • suspended your "I don't likes..."?
  • treated your spouse/sister/brother/friend like a new acquaintance?
  • simply forgot about all the times before and started afresh?
  • did something for the sheer joy of it?
  • realize that you do have a lot to offer?
  • were afraid, but did it anyway?
  • followed your heart?
  • implemented one of these in 2010?

Are you ready to learn, change and grow? Is this the year? It becomes possible by activating the power within your heart.

4 Replies to “What If?”

  1. Happy New Year/Decade!

    That was easy! 🙂

    Thank you for that comment…I’m glad.

    Welcome! One of our life lessons is learning that things don’t need to be complicated or difficult.

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