Harry Potter’s Scar

Those of you who are familiar with the Harry Potter stories know that whenever Voldemort was within range, the scar on Harry's forehead would start to pulsate.

You do have a warning system that often goes overlooked. This is a feeling that something isn't right - that you shouldn't get on that elevator or take that particular route home.

Children are particularly attuned to this sense, but often along the path into adulthood it gets relegated to the back of the closet. This sense is intuition and is something that can be enhanced when effective heart-based techniques are practiced.

Intuition not only serves as a warning, but also as a recommendation. I have noticed that when something resonates with me or touches me deeply I get a shiver running up and down my body. It's a pleasant rippling - a frisson of energy that let's me know that I'm in tune and attuned to what I'm doing or experiencing. It's my own personal early warning system.

You have one, too. However, the quiet voice or shivers of intuition may be drowned out by the storm of stress. When you learn to transform your stress with heart-driven techniques, your attention is directed to the information that serves you best. When you are at your best you are better able to serve others.

  • How do you know when you are doing something just right for you?
  • When has your intuition helped you out?
  • What would be different for you if you strengthened this skill?

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