A little boy tugged on my sleeve after I had dismissed the kindergarten class for the day.

"Teacher, did you poop your pants?" he thankfully asked quietly.

I looked at him to see what would come next.

He continued, "Well, you're walking like this..." (he demonstrated my walk) "...My brother walks like you whenever he poops his pants!"

I was awaiting my first hip replacement as the joint had deteriorated to the point where I was walking around bone on bone, which explained my so-called "poopy" walk.

Clarify or mystify? From the little guy's perspective, the natural assumption was that because I was walking a certain way, I must have had an "accident." How often have you made assumptions without getting all the information? Stress can impact your ability to actively listen to the other person's explanation, since you may be wrapped up in your own "stuff" in your head.

When you transform your stress, you find that you are able to gain a new perspective which deepens learning, understanding and growth.

  • Are there times when you reacted without getting all the facts?
  • What happened when you stopped yourself from speaking out and asked for clarification?
  • Have you noticed that when you are stressed you react as opposed to act?
  • Has this affected your ability to communicate or lead?

4 Replies to “Poopspective”

  1. I just arrived on your blog and was reading several of your posts. Very good reading. You have a lot of good points and ideas. I will have to come back.

  2. I think this one is hilarious!

    As I have a hip in the early stages of that deterioration – and I’d love to keep it at that stage for the rest of my life, but that may just be a fantasy – I really look forward to walking around like I have to poop! LOL

    Thanks, by the way, for your kind words of encouragement for bikehikebabe over at my site!

  3. Tattrldy,
    I appreciate your stopping by. I’ll put the coffee on for your next visit! (If only it were so easy.)

    Hopefully, your hip won’t get to the poopy stage!

    I am so appreciative of the technology that gave me a leg up !

    I created a little list of surgical success tips. Would you like me to send it to you?

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