When You Take a Fall

I had every intention of writing this post three weeks ago. However, the content was going to be considerably different.

Unfortunately, a fall resulted in a strained, sprained and broken arm and two broken ribs. On go the brakes to a number of activities.

It was difficult to get comfortable - broken arm on one side and ribs on the other. Every breath hurt and sleep was difficult as I had to be propped into place and cradled by a mountain of pillows - imprisoned for the night in a mountain of down.

Naturally, my business activities stopped, as did my participation in social networking. I felt like a turtle tucking into its shell as I worked to minimize pain and maximize healing.

It was no surprise that one of the first people to notice my absence on Twitter was Jacqui Poindexter. Oh, the synchrony of this post! It is evident that Jacqui uses this attention to detail, plus a plethora of many other hard and soft skills in her work as a Master Resume Writer. The stress of unemployment can dull one's self-esteem. It is a comfort to know that Jacqui is there, helping you shine brightly, like so many facets on a diamond. In addition to being bright, caring and engaging, she has a terrific ability to unearth and accentuate one's positive attributes.

An inability to look for the positives is both a sign and symptom of stress. A cascade of stress hormones is released when you simmer in negative thoughts and emotions. The paradox is that these stress hormones then contribute to more of the same.

Learn to apply heart-driven techniques to your day and soak in positive thoughts and emotions, more frequently. This improves your emotional, mental and physical health and provides you with the resilience to bounce back faster from set-backs - including broken bones!

Here is what I'm thankful for when I reflect back against this accident:

  •  I was helped up by two women who happened to walk by where I had fallen.
  •  I managed to drive myself home.
  •  I only had to wait for an hour in Emergency.
  •  I didn't stick my hands out when I fell; this could have resulted in broken wrists.
  •  My right hand is functional.
  •  It's summer, so dressing is much easier.
  •  I've had many offers of prayers, distance healing and positive vibes. (Take whatever is on offer - it can't hurt and it may just speed healing!)
  •   Gifted chiropractic treatment.
  •   La-Z-Boy Chair!

When you take a fall, and find yourself on the ground, take a look around and see what gems you can unearth from this new vantage point. Lessons come to us in many guises, when we're ready to learn them.

To be continued...

7 Replies to “When You Take a Fall”

  1. I wish I could take your pain away for you! But, I can 2nd your emotion for recliner chairs. I’ve slept in mine many nights when pain kept me from lying in bed. Hope you’re behaving yourself!! 🙂

    Talk to you soon,
    Cyndi in BC

  2. Hi,
    It’s my first visit. I’m really very sorry to know about the accident. Take rest. You’ve got time to think about your lovable moments in your life. My best wishes for your speedy recovery.

    Take care.
    health outfit

  3. Hi Cyndi,
    Thanks for your well wishes and stopping by!

    Getting tired of “behaving myself!” LOL!

    Health Rose, For sure and 1 of the best ways to transform stress. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

  4. Hi Marianna,

    Glad you are now on the road to healing.

    I did the wrist thing some years ago in my back garden, it did have to be the right one. Thankfully it was not my hip as there was nobody near enough to help.

    Good points:-
    1) Learned to wear pockets and carry cell phone at all times.
    2) My left handed mouse skills improved 100%.

  5. Grannymar,
    Oh, that would be tough – losing the use of your dominant hand.

    I find it helps makes sense of the things when you dig for the positives…and sometimes you have to dig deep!

  6. Marianna,
    Light is attracted to light, and because I crave light and positive energy to propel me through the day, I am drawn to you.

    Despite your life battles, you have chosen to transform your stress and increase your resilience. Your gift to others is in sharing your tools, techniques and messages of hope for those undergoing stress, pain and other struggles.

    You help people undress their stress, and we appreciate you!


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