A Glimmer of Sunshine

auntie stress dog in sunshineIt has been a challenging week with my husband's illness. I was feeling that any ground gained had been lost.

I had taken Murphy, our Dobie, to his favourite dog park when I had the big realization that I wasn't doing some of my typical (dare I say, old?) behaviours. Worrying endlessly, replaying conversations and clock watching...all of which prevent one from experiencing the beauty of the moment. And, it truly was a beautiful moment - newly formed buds bursting forth in a sea of green of varying hues, mist arising from the water as the day warmed and the joy of seeing Murphy chasing squirrels, real or imaginary.

Growth does happen, both in nature and in ourselves and when we tune in, we can celebrate the small gains that we would normally miss, despite what is going on around us.