My Story: Accepting, Adapting, Adopting

I can hardly believe that I've had rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for over thirty-eight years! I've learned that accepting, adapting and adopting are important skills to cultivate when you live with a chronic health condition.

I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot and tell a little more about My RA Story on Health Central. I definitely have a new appreciation for models. All that posing, smiling and working hard to put your best face forward is no easy feat!

Thanks to Janine Coney for her patience and skill with the camera, as well as the team at Health Central and Remedy Media for helping to share what it's like to live with a chronic condition. I believe it gives others a chance to learn and possibly accept, adapt and adopt from those who travel before/with them.

Click to read My Story: Accepting, Adapting, Adopting on Live Bold, Live Now.

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7 Replies to “My Story: Accepting, Adapting, Adopting”

  1. I shared mine too 😉 I also had the wonderful Janine Coney come and take some photos at the theatre. We all learn from each others stories and we can relate to so many of the little details. Thank you for sharing yours. Hoping all is well with you. X.

    1. Is yours “live”, yet? Care to share the link?

      Can you email me, please? I have a question to ask you for an article I’m writing.

  2. Aloha Marianna,

    You look fabulous in those photos. My favorite is the one of you in the pool. You have a spirited, sparkly smile on! On the other hand, the photos of you with your dog show such a bond between you two — as a mom to furry ones that speaks to me, too.

    Please know that you are giving so much through your smile, your example, your blog — and hope that, in turn, creates a comfortable space in your heart for you to receive the “fussing”.

    Cheers to your accepting, adapting and adopting! I’m learning so much from you and your journey.

    Jackie Yun

    1. Aloha, Jackie!

      I can count you amongst a few of my friends who remarked that the pictures of me in the pool were the ones where I looked most comfortable. I am a water baby!

      Your comments fill my heart, leaving room for some of that “fussing”.

      We do learn from each other, don’t we?

  3. Awesomely articulated achievement – a triple A for sure!
    Love your Health Central piece and the gorgeous selection of images, capturing the real and beautiful person you are in all your environments.

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