#250 – Old Shoes and a Backwards Fall

auntie stress old shoe

I'm still recovering from a backwards fall I took several weeks ago. As I review what happened, I've taken away two lessons.

I have an old pair of runners that I had to wear just one more time. The trails were wet and muddy and I didn't want to get my new runners mucky. As you can see in the picture, the heel on one shoe has broken down. I believe that it contributed to my fall.

As I was backing up, I think the heel caught, causing me to take a backwards tumble.

Lesson 1: When your shoes are shot, shove them into the trash.

Lesson 2: Whenever possible, choose to step sideways or go forwards instead of backwards.

If you have run-down runners, please consider replacing them. You don't need to add injury to your already over-burdened body.

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