#235 – Pull Up a Chair

Two weeks ago, I fell backwards and injured my lower back; think whiplash but for the lumbar area.

As a result of the injury, I feel not unlike Smokey, the sway-backed Shetland pony we had when I was in my teens. Bending, reaching and shifting positions produce sharp, localized pain, which radiates around to the psoas muscles in the front. I am making progress; this morning it only took me five minutes to get out of bed versus twenty!

This injury has forced me into looking at how I can still do some of the things I want and need to do. Things such as putting away a casserole dish, sliding something in or out of the oven or getting something out of a lower drawer.

I found that when I pulled a chair up to the stove or the cupboard, I could sit down and stabilize the muscles I needed to recruit in order to lean slightly over and extend my reach. I have my reachers, but for some items, they simply do not work.

I sure could have used this technique all those years ago when my joints were severely flaring.

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  1. Couldn’t survive in the kitchen without my stool. I even open drawers to lean a bowl with anything that has to be mixed on. It lowers the bowl so I can sit on the stool. Useful technique

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