#249 – Elevator Educator

There is a large Canadian grocery chain that has taken to putting the parking underneath the store. There is a ramp accessing the store, as well as an elevator.

The elevator is a wonderful idea however, the design leaves someone who is mobility-challenged, challenged. The problem arises when you use a shopping trolley. In order for the doors to close, you have to push, drag, slide or pull your trolley over. This is not a problem for someone who is able-bodied, but then, if you were able-bodied, you'd have no problem using the ramp.

When your mobility is compromised, you may find it difficult to push a cart up the ramp or to hold on to it on the way back down. The elevator is the wise choice, you'd think.

The solution is simple. Make the elevator deeper so that the trolley can easily be pushed straight in to the space. No awkward manoeuvres that are so difficult for someone who is already struggling to get through life independently.

I have written the company a number of times, to no avail. Perhaps you'll take up the pen or keyboard to elevate this idea to the status it deserves. One that is truly accessible.

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  1. Hi Marianna,

    Shopping at the store sounds frustrating… just because getting in and out is such an ordeal!

    While making the elevator deeper would be one solution, I’m wondering whether you could suggest an alternative one to the store. The reason is that I think making a “deeper” elevator is actually a big and expensive request – requiring extensive remodeling plus a new elevator. Without actually seeing the area, it’s hard for me to make any alternative suggestions, but perhaps if the ramp were redesigned in a way to facilitate the use of the cart, this would help?

    My gut feeling is that redesigning the ramp would be a less expensive fix and hence a more likely endeavor that the store may be willing to take on.

    That said, to assist you in your efforts, may I suggest that you try to solicit the support of some organizations that advocate on behalf of the handicapped in Canada so that they may back you up and also write this store? The more complaints and requests this store receives, the more likely it is to make a change. Perhaps the Council of Canadians with Disabilities http://www.ccdonline.ca could be of help or could refer you to another organization that could be of help.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

    1. I don’t expect them to rebuild the current elevator. However, as they open new stores, I’d like to see them incorporate a better design.

      The ramp is actually incorporated into the building – basically two very long ramps with a sharp turn about half-way.

      Thanks for the link – I should also mention another group here in B.C. – http://www.sparc.bc.ca.

  2. Somewhat similar – or maybe not – problem. I’m staying at a hotel that has disabled parking right at its front door – but no ramp. Figure out the logic of that. I certainly intend to bring this to management’s attention (already told the staff), but like you I probably won’t get anything done. No ramp. Still find it unbelievable – this is not a small, old hotel.

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