#251 – Charging Ahead!

A guest post is truly a gift - of time, of effort and of caring. This one from Lene Andersen is certainly all of that. Plus, she even managed to work in a pun in the title! Way to go, Lene!

In addition to her blog, which covers a smorgasbord of topics, you can also find Lene engaging on Twitter.

So, there you are. The proud owner of a new power wheelchair or scooter and you can't wait to explore your world with more freedom than you’ve had in ages. One of the best ways to do that is to take good care of the batteries.

When your batteries are new, they need to be conditioned. This usually means charging them every night for a month or so. After that, you can charge the battery every few days - you'll learn how far your chair or scooter can go before it needs recharging.

If you are an occasional user of a power wheelchair or scooter, make sure you charge your batteries regularly, even when you're not using your it. Batteries are much like plants - they need to be fed on a regular basis or they die.

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