You need your lip balm. You must have it. Your lips are so dry. How will you ever survive without it?

If you feel as if your lack of lip gloss is making you balmy, there is a reason for this.

Did you know that you can get addicted to lip balm? Although it's not so much about the lip balm. It's the process or the behaviour. The feeling that if you don't have it, your oh-so-dry lips will crack and your world will crumble, or at least appear to do so.

Being addicted to lip balm is not the worst thing that can happen; lip balm-makers will tell you that! Your lips are soothed, as are you.

When do you feel a need to put on lip gloss? Notice whether you are feeling out of sorts. Do you immediately feel a sense of "Ahhhh!", not only on your lips, but in your sense of well-being?

Many people have little, relatively harmless habits that they do to assuage themselves.

It's somewhat like The Tell that is spoken about in poker. What is your Tell? Things like smacking your lips, circling your thumbs together when you are nervous or vigorously chewing gum. When do you do them? Ask your family and friends if they have noticed any habits. I'm sure they'll gladly tell you.

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  1. I have a half inch long scar on my forehead, which I keep scratching when I am in a pensive mood. That is my “Tell”. My late wife tried hard to stop me from doing that to no effect whatsoever.

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