Blasting from the Past – Restoring the Present

Some time ago, I tweeted this on Twitter:

Wkend feel-good assignment.Who have u not spoken to in quite some time? Give them a call/arrange a get-together. Happy♥=undressed stress!

I've left the message in its abbreviated form to maintain authenticity. Twitter places a 140 character restriction on each tweet.

I took my own advice and once again, did a Google search for him. This time I got results! Sounds like some kind of espionage thriller, doesn't it?

OK, since you've asked, I'll tell you. It's the very talented, much-respected Stuart Fraser, a teacher friend with whom I worked and socialized when I lived in Thompson, Manitoba.

How wonderful and affirming to receive an email that read as follows: "Wow!! I can't believe it! I've been thinking of you over the years but could never find you. Your married name is the reason."

He, in turn, passed my email on to Bert, another gifted and well-loved teacher from that chapter of my life. In addition to teaching in Quebec at a CEGEP, Bert writes under the nom de plume (of sorts) of Anthony Morrissey-Ready.

"The genre is religious satire/folklore/historical and a bit of philosophizing thrown in for good measure. It's all I want to do once the marking is finished. I have a good many laughs bringing back the nicknames, expressions and stories from the village."

It's wonderful to hear from them and to see how they're enjoying what they do and how what they do is a powerful stress-undressing practice! Stuart, now that he has retired, has paired his love of technology and writing into a business that marries both. Bert, who has always been creative and a great tale-teller, has taken the leap into publishing.

The more frequently you immerse yourself in positive emotions, which includes the restoration of friendships, the more you increase your resilience and your ability to stay steady, regardless of the weather.

For more information on resilience, please visit the Resilience Research Centre.

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  1. I agree that a dose of touching one’s past in the form of old long lost friends can be exhilarating and recharge one’s battery. At the same time, getting new friends in one’s life is also a rewarding experience.

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