Mirthful Monday: Happy Valentine’s Day!

How many of you bought some brain-shaped candy for your loved ones this Valentine's Day? I didn't think so.

The brain is important. Remember that it is both the science and the art of the heart that gives your life depth, breath and joy.

I'd like to take you to back to November 28, 2009. We were at the beautiful and historic Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC, attending the VSO Pops Silver Screen Classics series.

The orchestra had played its last tune, the vocalists had hit their final notes and the conductor had made his closing remarks, when...

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  1. Grannymar,
    I had the same thought as you. My suspicion is that they had already talked about the engagement – just a question of when, of which he took care – in a big way!

  2. We were at the dining table at Urmeela’s home having high tea. I simply said “Look,we get along so well together, why don’t we get married?” She replied, “Are you serious?” I said, “Of course!” She took two days to think about it amd to consult some mutual friends/relatives and said yes.

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