Things That Go Bump, Pay It Forward

A couple of weeks ago, I was pulling up to the light in the left-turn lane, when I was hit by a driver who had decided to make a sudden lane change.

It was fortunate that no one was seriously hurt. However, it did require a few trips to the office of 6th St. Chiropratic and Wellness.

My car was repaired in an expeditious manner, thanks to ICBC and to the woman who willingly came forward as a witness. She is truly living up to her name. Thanks, Angela! I am grateful to her and want her to know that she is now part of the Pay It Forward movement.

So, here is the deal:

I am offering an Undress the Stress™ Chat to the first 10 people who contact me through my website. In lieu of the $40.00 payment to me, I would ask that you make a donation to your local Food Bank or Christmas Bureau.

An Undress the Stress™ Chat is a twenty minute session which is not counselling, nor is it a "tell all" session. You will learn one technique that you can apply anytime you are feeling stressed.

This will help stop the cascade of 1400 neuro-chemicals so that you are in a better position to do and feel better.

It's the Reverberational Effect in action!

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5 Replies to “Things That Go Bump, Pay It Forward”

  1. Gosh! Marianna, you are having a tough year. Thankfully it will soon be over. I hope you have recovered from the shock to mind and body and pleased to hear you were touched by an Angel(a)!

  2. GM,
    I was truly blessed. My “angel” walked up, unbidden and willingly offered her name and number.

    All I can say is that these techniques have kept me going strong.

  3. Oh Marianna, I’m glad you’re alright! Was there a question as to who’s fault it was? Is that why your “angel” left her name and number? Or did the person leave the scene of the accident. I am so glad you’re okay! Your techniques of relieving stress do work!

  4. Gaelikaa,
    It’s over and done with. Thanks for stopping by.

    The whole thing was taken care of very smoothly.

    Thanks for your concern.

    Yes, I’m forever using these techniques. It’s wonderful that I have them at my disposal in those times when things go bump, crash, boom and bang. They also work well when things are quiet – helping to increase resilience, creativity and as a “restorative tonic”! 🙂

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