The Grandest Pyramid Scheme Of All!

Photo courtesy Lorenzo S

I like to think of my services as a type of "Pyramid Scheme". Wait a moment, it's not what you think!

People are not at their best when they're living under constant stress. They say and do things that are not truly reflective of who they are.

Speaking for myself, I know that within a certain "window" I could function very well. However, if life threw something unusual or different into my path (as is normal), I would fall off the proverbial window ledge.

By learning techniques to transform your stress, you have more resilience so that you are not so easily bothered by things that get in your way. When you are able to handle more, you do more and you are also "more" - more balanced, more joyful and more forgiving & giving (of yourself).

How does the Pyramid Scheme come in? When I teach people how to transform their stress they begin to live a better life - one that is in accordance with who they are. They begin to step into their lives and be all they can be...gee, sounds like an army slogan I once heard. Just imagine what you will do when you are feeling calmer and more energized and joyful!

Stop and really think about that...

Are you feeling more magnanimous? As a result, do you then go on and help others in some little way - maybe a compliment, encouragement, friendship? Then because of your kindness, they may in turn pass it forward...

Just like in the book of the same name, you may not know whose lives you've touched and how you've been the catalyst for your own Pay It Forward Movement.

I think because of the immediacy of the media, we often think that our small, unnoticed gestures are unremarkable...they are noticeable, to the people who are the recipients.

I invite you to start your own "Pyramid Scheme" by learning to transform your stress.