Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Just like every thorn has its rose. This is the duality of life. There is good and bad in most things. Without the bad, do you really appreciate the good?

Likewise, with the things that make our life pleasurable. Too much of a good thing and the good thing becomes ordinary - it loses its appeal by virtue of becoming humdrum. We often end up taking it for granted, then.

I remember when I was about 10 years old, asking my mom why we couldn't have my favourite dessert every night. Her quick reply, "Because it wouldn't be special."

My mom was wise. She knew that serving that dessert on a regular basis would no longer make it a treat. It seems to be a condition of human nature that when those special things become everyday, we take them for granted and they lose their "special" designation.

This applies to people, too. How many of you are taking those who love and support you for granted?

With mindfulness or attention, you can become aware that this is happening. Remember to appreciate and value those good things and people in your life. In so-doing, you have activated the power of your heart, which is the key to undressing your stress.

4 Replies to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”

  1. Marianna, it is a mistake we all make. But, like with all the human endeavors, the key isn’t traversing a perfect course, it is continuous attention to course corrections.

  2. We are four siblings. The youngest is the sister and the others brothers. She was always called the “one rose among three thorns” by wannabe Romeos.

    There are a few instances that I would rather not remember connected to that particular aspect of life when I had physically assaulted some ruffians. Life moved on and I laugh at that impulsiveness. I am now at a stage of life when I can neither fight nor run!

    I find that laughter and the ability to see the funny side of things the best way to handle my thorns. Most people of course believe that I am the cause for their stress!

  3. Somehow I doubt that you are the cause of anyone’s stress, Ramana!

    Laughter is indeed a good stress reliever, however, the funny bone can break under stress.

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