#572 – Budget Tip: Bidet to Save on that Precious Commodity

By now, the toilet paper hoarding is old news. However, for the sake of using less to save more, I have a budget suggestion so you can save on that precious commodity. Install a bidet!

Prior to my hemorrhoidectomy in the fall, I decided that it would be an easier and more gentle way to let water do the cleaning. I am somewhat embarrassed to even say that I had that surgery, which is why I haven’t yet blogged about it!

I ordered the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 from Amazon, which is a non-electrical self-cleaning model that attaches to the cold water supply valve. But don’t worry about literally freezing your butt off - you won’t need to operate the bidet for that long a period of time to get the job done.

There are now a number of different types that are easy to install with a little know-how and good hands. If I were a little more agile and had better hand mobility, even I could install it. “It’s just that easy!” as Shel Busey, a local home improvement radio and television personality used to say.

This particular model has a male and female spray, although either works fine; it depends how you perch on your throne. There is also a self-cleaning function.

A word of caution: when I was showing a friend the features, I almost soaked her. You need to be seated in order to prevent a fountain of water from spraying across the room.

As far as the toilet paper budget goes; it is a savings. I’ve noticed I’m using far less toilet paper and that’s money that you won’t be flushing down the toilet!

2 Replies to “#572 – Budget Tip: Bidet to Save on that Precious Commodity”

  1. Who knew? I didn’t. Thank you for the info. Seems that these mini bidets are popular because your model is out of stock. Here’s to using less TP.

    Be well. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Leigh. I’ve been happy with this make and model. I know there are many different types available. A must-have. Stay safe!

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