#573 – Budget Tip: That Precious Commodity – Toilet Paper!

auntie stress toilet paper
Saving that precious commodity!

As a follow-up to Budget Tip: Bidet to Save on That Precious Commodity, I want to share another toilet-paper saving trick that I inadvertently discovered.

When I took a replacement roll of toilet paper out of the cupboard, I noticed that it was slightly flattened. No matter, I'll just put it on the toilet paper roller, as is.

I realized that I had another post to write after I finished my bathroom business. The toilet paper didn't come reeling off the roll, as usual. Thus, another way in which to use less toilet paper! See what happens when you regularly address and undress the stress - inspiration hits in the the most unusual of times and places! Awareness is part of the stress puzzle.

Now you know the real reason why Mr. Whipple doesn't want you to "squeeze the Charmin!" It's a cost and toilet paper saving!

From now on, I'm going to gently "squeeze the Charmin" to save on that precious commodity. In case you're wondering, I am not receiving payment for mentioning Charmin!

2 Replies to “#573 – Budget Tip: That Precious Commodity – Toilet Paper!”

  1. Ha! Enjoyed your post, as always, Marianna. Good TP trick! So sharing a few of my own tricks on this … uh … delicate subject. At least they work for me.

    Having had cats over the years, I always place the roll with the new sheets coming from the back. That limits the amount of sheets you grab pretty easily. And now that each sheet is so precious, I’ve also been doing personal challenges to see how long one roll can last. Broke my record earlier this week. Hey … a girl has to have fun.

    And my latest TP trick as of yesterday is … taking a cheaper harsher brand we all don’t enjoy and using it as a layer between two or three other comfy sheets. This way you preserve the good stuff while still getting the softness benefit. I call it a TP sandwich. Hope that helps someone! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the humour break, especially your TP sandwich. 🙂 A gal has got to have fun when she can get it!

      One thing that’s for certain, for many, COVID-19 has seemed to activate the creativity gene.

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