#567 – Live Better with RA – Tip #8

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Tip #8 - Use Tools and Gadgets

Tools and gadgets may seem extraneous, but to a person with RA, they are lifesavers! I use them constantly. Not only do they allow me to be independent but they save my joints and often, my energy and frustration.

There are so many reasonably-priced tools and gadgets available today, unlike when I was first diagnosed over forty years ago. "In the olden days," as my niece would say, you'd have to visit an occupational therapist if you needed something specialized for your needs.

Look here to see some of the things I use or have adapted to make my journey with RA easier.

The 10 Tips:

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  1. You mean like that $14K computer my wife insists I do not need? I now have proof I need it. Oh thank you for the blog, I am certain I will talk her into (I mean convince) my wife. 🙂

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