#565 – Live Better with RA – Tip #6

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Tip #6 - Accentuate the Positive

We're hard-wired to scan our environment for danger. Unfortunately, for some, our experiences have us performing this operation far too often.

In one study, optimistic subjects had increased cell-mediated immunity, whereas a drop in optimism showed a decrease in immunity. Other studies show that an optimistic attitude about aging can help people live longer and optimistic cardiac patients are less likely to be readmitted to hospital.

One way to flip your perspective is by practicing gratitude on a regular basis. Another is to do stress techniques, which help to lighten the load and carry you into a better frame of mind.

The 10 Tips:

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  1. And here I thought yelling at the weather, traffic and sports on TV would make me live longer? I mean Sheryl said she was going to hurt me if I did not be quiet, but she has said that every day for the last 43 years and she has only chased with me the car like 900 times, (so far this year I mean).

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