#545 – When Your Doctor Tells You There’s No More Time

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You have a chronic illness. You go to the doctor with your list of symptoms, but you're told that there is no more time and are then asked to book another appointment.

Your energy is already depleted and you you don't know how you're going to drag yourself to another appointment.

The solution?

Book a double appointment in order to max out on your time and energy and ensure that you are respecting the doctor's time and that of the other patients, as well. It's a lot less stressful for all concerned.

One Reply to “#545 – When Your Doctor Tells You There’s No More Time”

  1. Oh thank God my doctor has never made this suggestion. Lord have mercy I hope they never do. I’d hate to get a new doctor. Laugh and never be told to schedule a double appointment. I would have to find a new location.

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