Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

What better way to celebrate a birthday than in poetry and song! And isn't song just poetry set to music? Learn a little history, some geography and discover a country that is full of culture and nature.

Make a game out of each video. Listen once, then list the number of references you can recall for each category: musical, geographical, historical, political and cultural.

1. "We're Canadian" by Bryan Anderson:

B.C. teacher packs 150 Canadian references into a 6-minute song.

2. "In Canada" by Chris and Dave Hadfield:

3. "We Are More (Define Canada)" by Shane Koyczan at the 2010 Winter Olympics:

4. 50 legendary Canadian songs in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday

Certainly not a comprehensive list of Canadian music, but they had to stop somewhere.

Celebrate to address your stress

Travel back, way back in time. Do you see your forebears as they danced around the campfire to celebrate their catch? Perhaps it was a fire-roasted woolly-mammoth with a side of shrubs. Life was hard when food was scarce, so when they had food, they celebrated. You may remember that our autonomic nervous system still functions in much the same way.

While you can't expect a party each time you arrive at work after spending one, two, or three hours in rush hour traffic, nor are you likely to get a pat on the back when you clean up your mountains of paperwork.

However, you can spend a quiet moment acknowledging and celebrating your "wins". When it comes time to the big events, like Canada's 150th birthday, then break out the streamers, clink some glasses and rejoice in song and dance!

Celebrations. Another stress undressing tip. Long after the fireworks has finished and the place is cleaned up, you can fan those celebratory memories and recall how you felt to further address your stress!

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