And They Offered Words Weighted With Wisdom

Sometimes the right words heard at the right time can make all the difference in helping you set a new course. The message may be direct or indirect, spoken aloud, sent in a text or an email, relayed in first, second or third person, read in a blog post or book or heard in a movie.

When the words are heard, not only with the ears, but with the heart as well, a shift occurs - sometimes cataclysmic in nature, other times so subtly that it almost seems imperceptible.

There are times when the same message is oft-repeated and then finally it hits home, usually when someone else says the same thing. Isn't this a common comment from spouses? I've told him that many times, but why does it take a stranger to make an impact?

Perception change: think of it as laying the foundation for change!

Examples may be shared, reasons explained, the right note set and learning, change and growth occurs.

Below, under a diverse range of categories, you'll find a sampling of wisdom from some of my favourite people. Over the years, I've not only learned from them, but have also been inspired by them. I've met with them in person and virtually; many have become friends.

I asked everyone for one sentence of advice, which proved to be a challenge. I think they met it admirably, don't you?

After the Job Interview

Ronnie Ann Himmel: 25 Things To Do While Waiting To Hear Back from a Job Interview

"Rather than stressing to the max about each word you said in the interview or why they aren't getting back to you (it's normal), you could instead use the waiting time to take positive action: (1) learn a relevant new skill or improve on one you already have; (2) follow up wisely, but not too often (you can mention the new skill or a related accomplishment); and (3) keep looking for a new job until you accept an actual offer!"


Lori: AirBnB Superhost

"I recommend all hosts take advantage of the free photography offered by Airbnb; quality photos ensure your place doesn't get overlooked."

If you sign up to AirBnB with Lori's link, you'll receive an AirBnB credit for any qualifying stay.

Business-Sitting/Business Support

Kathrin Hardie: Business-Sitter

"…let’s have a look at it together."


Cynthia St-Pierre: Vegetarian Detective, Fashionation with Mystery and co-author of A Purse to Die For

"Dare to approach with friendship: 2006, Bloody Words, Canada’s now-retired national mystery conference…I had just come out of a 15 minute interview with an agent and was feeling a little shaky; in the shadows of an escalator stood a woman who looked just about as antsy as me so I walked over and introduced myself which miraculously led to a published mystery co-written with my new friend - and a sequel coming this fall."

Customer Care

Liz Kislik: How Customer Service Can Neglect Customer Care

"If service employees focus too much on procedures, their behavior or language can actually neglect the very customers they’re meant to serve."


Dawna Jones: From Insight to ActionEvolutionary Provocateur podcast and author of Decision Making for Dummies

"To avoid making a decision based on fear (bound to fail), check in with your emotions and then replace negative feelings with positive heartwarming mix of excitement and optimism."

Foot Care

Christian Johannsen: Vancouver Feet

"Better health starts with your feet. A pair of well supported, happy feet not only make for a happy life, but also a healthy heart."

To keep you walking, Christian is generously offering a $50.00 gift certificate to Foot Solutions, BC! Please enter at the bottom of this post.


S. Emerson: Golf with Flair

"An encouraging suggestion on changing clubs or stance to a beginner golfer can make a world of difference to their current round of golf and future rounds."


Jackie Yun: Jackie Yun

"#TakeThisMoment to invite flexibility, patience and openness into your thinking and balance that with heart."

Resume Writing

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter: Resume Story - How to Emote Tenacity

"Before you begin shuffling words across the page, you must understand the characteristics and needs of your focus industry, company and/or leadership."

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cathy Kramer: The Life and Adventures of Cateepoo

"Finding things in my life to be grateful for, no matter how small, is how I am a deal with even the worst days of living with RA."


Dorlee Michaeli: Social Work Career

"To experience more joy and have the strength to face life’s hurdles, be willing to be compassionate with yourself, and brave enough to share your mistakes/rough patches with a trustworthy friend."


I almost forgot to include myself in this post! This one's from When No One Is Watching, Including Yourself

"Develop your awareness as you go about your day - notice how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically."

Writing Process

Beth Havey: Boomer Highway and author of A Mother's Time Capsule

"On any given day, writing is my escape, my lover, my intellectual stimulation as I seek and often find the right word, the exact phrase - or I dream about finding it; either way, I go to writing to find myself, always hoping to give back something of value to my readers."

Writing with a Chronic Illness

Lene Andersen: Creating a Writing Habit for Writers with Chronic Illness and author of Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis – Tools for Managing Treatment, Side-Effects and Pain

"Don't compare yourself to anyone else - especially not if you have a chronic illness or chronic pain - just write in a way that feels good to you."

15 Replies to “And They Offered Words Weighted With Wisdom”

  1. What a cool gathering of people and ideas, Marianna. I’m honored to be part of this. And fun to read and learn from so many who have you as a common denominator. Thanks for including me!

    1. Hi Ronnie Ann,

      I’m reminded of the movie 6 Degrees of Separation when I read “common denominator” in your comment. I’m glad you added your voice to the formula.

  2. Aloha Marianna,

    What fresh and refreshing content you’ve put together! Thank you for including me in your post and for welcoming me into your circle of friendship.

    Do you know @WalkingWil? She and I are having a comment-convo over at one of my posts. And what she wrote about self-actualization is attention stealing, thought provoking and worthy of a share here…

    “You see, I believe that as long as we’re treating God or a lamp, or anything else for that matter, as a vending machine, we’ll be left far short of our sweet spot and potential”. ~ Wilma Zalabak

    The lamp reference is in regard to our exchange about “genies”. 🙂

    Mahalo again and know it is soul deep.

    Jackie Yun

    1. Aloha back, Jackie!

      I will have to go and check out your post where this magnetic, genie-releasing conversation is taking place.

      I appreciate your time in contributing to this circle of wisdom.

  3. So much truth to this post about perception. It’s incredible how a certain arrangement of words or how it is heard just touches a person the right way to be able to let it into their mind and heart. Another inspiring post full of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement. I am honoured and grateful to be included in your post and to be part of this amazing group of people. Thank you Marianna 🙂

  4. An inspiring collection of individuals and thoughts to guide us in a nice variety of areas: from recreation and stress management to career development.

    Thanks so much for your kind inclusion!

  5. Marianna

    Thanks for the tips as the boys are getting ready to go back to school. The Foot Solutions post is timely as one of the boys needs inserts and in suffering from ingrown toe-nails. While one of the boys has worn sandals through the summer, he is required to wear shoes with the school’s dress code. I’ll keep Foot Solutions in mind when we go get his shoes for the school year.


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