Whoa! Hot Weather Cooking Tips for RA

This month on Health Central, I'm offering some of my hot weather cooking tips.

Although the grilled veggie recipe I'm sharing below isn't included in my post, you'll find three other summer servings - soup, salad and smoothies. I also share a few other suggestions that include techniques, tools and gadgets that can save you time and energy during the heat of summer.

Please see: Beat Heat To Eat - Hot Weather Cooking Tips for RA.

Grilled Vegetables

1. In advance, pour about 1/4 cup of olive oil into a small bowl. Add crushed garlic and freshly ground pepper or crushed chili peppers, if you'd like a spicier dish. Let stand for several hours so that the flavours are absorbed.

2. At least an hour before you plan on barbecuing, place the following vegetables in a large, flat bowl or baking dish:

  • onions - cut into large chunks
  • mushrooms - sliced (an egg slicer does this quickly)
  • baby bok choy - cut in half lengthwise
  • asparagus
  • zucchini - sliced
  • red, orange or yellow pepper - cut into large chunks

3. Pour the oil mixture over the vegetables. Mix well so that all the vegetables are well-covered. Yes! Use your hands!

4. Mix at least once more before grilling.

5. When the grill is hot, place the vegetables into a grill basket. Watch carefully. Stir often. You may wish to take the faster-cooking items off the grill. Enjoy!

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