#259 – Egg Slicer Finds a New Job

There are times when I just don't feel like using the food processor to do one small dicing, slicing or shredding job.

Last night was one of those times. I had only mushrooms to slice; it wasn't worth the clean up efforts. So, I rummaged around in my gadget drawer and found the egg slicer. It worked beautifully. Plus, it is a hand-friendly alternative to gripping the knife for any length of time!

What alternate uses have your found for your kitchen gadgets?

9 Replies to “#259 – Egg Slicer Finds a New Job”

  1. I love this idea, Marianna! What other things do you the egg slicer could safely cut? Do you think it could cut an onion for example?

    1. I know for sure that this one I own wouldn’t be up to the onion slicing job. I haven’t looked at any others to see how they’re constructed. It would certainly put a stop to the tears!

  2. For the egg slicer idea: Turn the item around and slice again to get diced.

    Plastic chopsticks: as poker when something like parm cheese clumped in the container and needs breaking up.

    Ice cream scoop: use to scoop even amounts of stuff (like cookie dough) and place on cooking sheet (or whatever).

    Sandwich spreader knife: can be easier to use for spreading frosting than the proper icing knife.

  3. What a great repurposing of the egg slicer! We use ours daily (to prep eggs for our dinner salad), but hadn’t thought of alternative uses. I like S. Emerson’s ‘new jobs’ for the sandwich spreader knife and ice cream scoop, too. Dorlee offers interesting insight, too, in re: to possibly slicing onions : )

    While I’m not thinking creatively enough tonight to suggest further ideas, I’ll look forward to reading what others write!

    Thank you,

    1. Knock me over with a feather, Jacqui. Did you have a tiring weekend?

      Jen, my culinary friend, also suggested using the egg slicer to neatly and uniformly cut up boccocini (baby mozzarella).

  4. I never used to use kitchen shears. Now I’d be lost without them. Just last night I used them to cut apart baby back ribs into manageable lengths before broiling. So much easier than a fork and knife. And it’s easier to turn shorter sections with the tongs than it is the full length. I also have some strips of soft rubber-like tubing that I slip over the handles of my wooden spoons. Let’s me get a better grip on them because I don’t have to hold such a small cylinder.

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