V – Values

Day 26

Have your values been side-lined, just like some over-aggressive athlete at a world-class event?

Do you regularly sip and savour the values that are important to you? Do you know what they are? Your values are an important part of the recipe you use to undress your stress.

To get you started, create a list of values - things which important to you. I suspect that your list will be quite long, at first. Mine was. You'll want to start paring it down in marushka-doll fashion - one fits into the other and into the next one and so on down, until you have only three or four. These values will provide a foundation for you, assisting you as you step out and step forward.

When I work with you, we clarify your values, so you can use them as part of your "auntie-dote" against stress.

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