#476 – Pfizer’s First RA Blogger Summit – Summary

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It was a full day; one that not only encouraged interaction, but also fostered new connections.

A large part of Pfizer's First RA Blogger Summit focused upon Pfizer's unbranded Rethink RA website and kit. In business terms, unbranded means not carrying the brand name although, in reality, when you peruse the materials, you do get that Pfizer feel.

The focus of this campaign is to provide the patient with tools to help open a meaningful dialogue with their rheumatologist, thereby improving treatment outcomes.

The team from Twist Mktg and Pfizer facilitated discussions and solicited opinions from our small group in order to fine-tune their campaign.

Some of the suggestions that were presented included:

  • Giving people the option of downloading the RethinKit by email or online - currently you have to wait for snail mail to deliver it to you.
  • Providing more scientific data on the website. Speaking as Auntie Stress, I think that most newly diagnosed patients are already reeling from the diagnosis. Throwing in scientificese - not to be confused by lawyerese - can add fuel to the fires of confusion. An alternative would be to place this information deeper within the website.
  • Ensuring that the rheumatologist is aware of this program because some rheumatologists may feel threatened.

Pfizer wanted to know:

  • If we had ever visited a pharmaceutical website for information.
  • If we have ever spoken to a representative from a pharmaceutical company
  • What is missing in the conversations we've had with our doctors.

When the patient is given a strategy to help them prepare for their appointments with the rheumatologist, they are able to take back some control over what seems to be a situation in which there is none.

Pictured below is Chef Seamus Mullen along with the other bloggers who were in attendance at the cooking demonstration at Haven's Kitchen in Manhattan:

I invite you to visit them to read about their perspectives of living with rheumatoid arthritis and, in some cases, other conditions, too.

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Disclosure: travel and lodging expenses for Pfizer’s First RA Blogger Summit were covered by Pfizer.

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