How Do You Sync Up?

I was working with my eleven-year-old client on techniques to balance the nervous system by using the power of the heart. When this is regularly practiced, synchronization occurs between the heart, blood pressure rhythms, respiratory system and heart rate variability. This is the equivalent to getting a tune-up for your car. When you are in sync, you run more efficiently and on less fuel. The real you begins to shine.

I asked my young client what being in sync meant to him. His reply was:

"Being in sync is having your energy in control."

To start syncing-up and "having control of your energy", it is important to notice when you are not feeling like yourself - kind of like the commercial below - you're not you when you're stressed, are you? When you recognize that feeling of being out of sorts or of not feeling well, you can then shift into a more positive feeling.

When you understand how stress impacts you, there is usually more of impetus to make the shift towards undressing your stress. When you undress your stress and begin to feel better, you want more - please and thank you.

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