#468 – Magnetic Attraction

Go somewhere, see something, write a blog post. Such was the case when I recently attended the Cloverdale Market in search of some shrubs.

I found my shrubs but I also found something that I knew that my readers would like.

On Jewelry, Zipper and Button Helper and Bracelet Helper, I showed you a couple of ways to get your bling on when you don't have the dexterity or the help that you'd like.

It's good to have options, though. Did you know that you can buy a magnetic extender that allows you to easily hook up the clasp on your necklace or bracelet? It makes fastening them a snap. Or would that be a click?

The one I purchased has a lobster claw clasp, which makes it easy to switch between pieces.

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  1. Such a tool looks handy; I have some bracelets which are just right in size and this makes putting them on extremely challenging [and always has, regardless of age, dexterity etc.].

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