#33 – Bracelet Helper

I don't usually wear bracelets. Maybe the reason for that is because I didn't have one of these:

This idea came to me from Maarten Meerman, who is as happily busy in his workshop as Santa's elves are in theirs. Not only does he artfully make mini miniatures which are show-cased on his blog, but he has also made many useful hand-friendly items of which I've been the beneficiary.

Here is something I was able to make by myself, thanks to the very clear directions that Maarten graciously provided. No power tools required, by the way.

  1. Get a wooden paint stirrer, ruler or other longish piece of flat wood.
  2. Duct tape a clothes peg with the pincher-edge of the clothes peg in line with the edge of the wood (see illustration). Maarten used a clothes peg rather than the typical croc clip used in standard bracelet helpers, so that stiff thumbs can more easily manage the squeeze.
  3. Easily grasp the stick with the hand on which the bracelet is to be secured.
  4. Firmly hold one end of the bracelet in place, while you do up the clasp with the other hand.

Try it and see if it helps make your life a little more bejewelled!

7 Replies to “#33 – Bracelet Helper”

  1. What a great idea…I don’t have arthritis but often bracelets are made just right and can be quite tricky to put on yourself. This would make putting them on much easier.

    Do you (or your friend) happen to have a solution for putting on necklaces? I find that some choker necklaces are made with closures that are very hard to see/open and they are rather frustrating to put on (and painful on the fingers)….

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