#469 – Electric Toothbrush

Andrew's post reminded me that I hadn't yet blogged about the handy (pun intended) gift I received one Christmas.

I take it for granted but it really does make for better and easier brushing, especially if you have damage in your wrists or hands or are experiencing a flare-up.

I've mentioned it more than a few times on this blog - soaking in negative thoughts and emotions can trigger the stress response. So, while the brush is whirling away in your mouth, why not do one of the following to help stop your brain from swirling you into a whirlpool of stress:

  • Practice the exercise that gives Annette tight abdominal muscles.
  • Use your non-dominant hand to brush and make new neural connections.
  • Sequentially recall what you did during the day from morning until now to improve your memory.
  • Or do three all three of the above at the same time? 🙂
  • Put your focus fully on the act of brushing - a good opportunity to practice mindfulness!

Who knew that you could get so much benefit from simply brushing your teeth!

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2 Replies to “#469 – Electric Toothbrush”

  1. So nice of you to mention me in your blog. I’m with you on the electric toothbrush – I love my SonicCare. It’s so easy to use and my teeth even feel clean.

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