Repeat Message – Get Growing

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I've said it, and I'm sure that you have, too.

“I can't tell you how many times I've told my (wife/husband/sister/friend)!” Then a stranger comes along and says the exact same thing and suddenly, the message is heeded.

Frustrating, right?

Consider looking at it differently. By repeating the message many times, you did the prep work. Just think how many times commercials are shown in order for the product to "stick”.

Rather than be frustrated (a source of stress), change your perception. Instead, think of yourself as the master gardener. You've tilled the soil and planted the seeds. It just so happens that a stranger came along to add nutrients, allowing the idea that you sowed to sprout and grow.

Instead of getting irritated, choose to be thankful that your advice or suggestion was heeded. Get your ego out of the way and celebrate that the person you love is finally doing what will propel them in the direction that is right for them. The ego is that voice that wants credit for making the person realize that your idea was a good one.

Perhaps this scenario is one that is trying to grow in your own yard. Your heart may be telling you something; it may be a gentle tugging, a feeling that your attention and efforts need to be elsewhere. You may notice it crop up in messages you hear from other people, on television, or in books you are reading. Something is resonating, ringing true. But just like that wife/husband/sister/friend, you may choose to ignore it, or discount it. You may not be ready for it - you may still be in the sowing stage.

Is there a way to shorten the sowing stage?

Most definitely.

Stress is likely causing you to focus on where you've been, rather than on where you want to go - on the crop you wish to harvest. Certainly, use the feedback from your past experiences, but don't let it be where you place all your energy. Instead, like plants that grow to face the sun, practice positive outcome-generating techniques that allow you stay open to the marvelous seeds of possibilities that grow your way!

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