Networking: It Wasn’t a Match

Recently, I was at an event where I recognized that what the person was saying was not a match with how they were feeling. Authenticity was eroded, believability corroded. When you act from a place of heart, from that place that is truly you, your credibility factor develops wings and takes flight.

It's as if you were doing one of those elementary school fill-in-the-blank exercises; the words you choose may fit, but the essence is lacking. Lip service, but not eye service and definitely not heart service.

When you learn to undress your stress using the power of the heart, you fine tune the signal that is sent from your heart to the brain. Stress can be compared to a radio that is slightly (or grossly) off tune. How much better it sounds when you are on the station.

When you address your stress, you also sound (and look) better. In networking, as in all your interactions, you begin to operate optimally; acting, versus reacting. Your words and your actions align. That comes from good emotional management, which comes from the heart.

Below, you can see how our language is filled with idioms that emphasize the importance of the heart.

Now, how many brain idioms do you know?

In just five, one-hour sessions, you'll learn how to address your stress, and live well - live where it matters - in that wonderous heart!

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2 Replies to “Networking: It Wasn’t a Match”

  1. I loved the video of heart idioms that you produced, Marianna! You are becoming quite a social media pro 🙂

    Now to answer your question, you wanted a few brain idioms:
    *A no-brainer
    *To pick the brains (of someone) or pick (someone’s) brains
    *To rack one’s brain
    *To exercise one’s brain
    *To brainstorm (something)
    *To brainwash (someone)
    *Brain teaser
    *Brain drain
    *A brain trust
    *To wrap someone’s brain around something
    *To have a brain like a sieve
    *To sharpen one’s brain
    *Brain power

    1. I’m glad you liked the video, Dorlee.

      Thanks the list of brain idioms I compiled sits at approximately 23. I’ll have to cross-reference them.

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